Cross-Cultural Management – workshop for Chinese/Mandarin speaking factory managers

While working with over a hundred garment factories in Myanmar on different social and environmental topics, SMART Myanmar’s technical team has noticed and received more and more questions from foreign-invested factories on how to improve cross-cultural communications within their workplace. Understanding and effectively managing hundreds and even thousands of persons from a different cultural and linguistic background is a particular challenge for many factories.

In order to address this need and facilitate better workplace cooperation and dialogue, SMART Myanmar developed a Cross-Cultural Communications seminar. This was first organized in Nov. 2016 and was held again on May 31st, 2017. The seminar aims to discuss the challenges in garment factories on cross-cultural communications, introduce details and nuances about Myanmar culture and share good practices on how to integrate sensitivity and respect for local culture into factory management systems. So far, 82 participants from 45 companies have attended the seminars and given very positive feedback.

Due to overwhelming demand, SMART Myanmar will continue to conduct this seminar in different languages to support garment factories to improve workplace communications, labor relations and to promote better harmony and understanding in the industry. Another seminar will be held in Chinese/Mandarin language on July 14th, conducted by SMART’s multi-lingual Chinese and Myanmar technical experts.

Contact [email protected] to register.