4th SMART Social Compliance Academy™ launching on July 14th & 15th

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The next SMART Social Compliance Academy™ will commence on July 14th and 15th. To date, 16 garment factories have completed the SMART Social Compliance Academy™, benefiting from an innovative combination of workshop training and on-site consultancy support. The registration deadline is July 9th.

The Academy program is designed with an innovative combination of group training and on-site consultancy. Key outputs for participating factories are:

• Comprehensive social compliance audit and detailed corrective action plan based on international best practices and ILO standards.
• Detailed, prioritized and factory-specific “corrective action plan” (CAP) which addresses the root causes of problems and establishes a framework for a continuous improvement approach.
• Additional on-site consultancy support to implement improvements over the course of 5 to 6 months.
• Inclusion in the SMART alumni network – a growing group of factory managers in Myanmar committed to striving for social compliance best practices.

Each round of the academy is capped at 10 participating factories, maximum. The program is specially designed for medium-to-large sized factories. SMART offers a different consultancy program for small factories known as the SCORE program.

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Social Compliance Academy letter and application (July, 2016)

Social Compliance Academy (PDF) Myanmar language updated