4th SMART Social Compliance Academy™ launching on July 14th & 15th

The next SMART Social Compliance Academy™ will commence on July 14th and 15th. To date, 16 garment factories have completed the SMART Social Compliance Academy™, benefiting from an innovative combination of workshop training and on-site consultancy support. The registration deadline is July 9th.

The Academy program is designed with an innovative combination of group training and on-site consultancy. Key outputs for participating factories are:

• Comprehensive social compliance audit and detailed corrective action plan based on international best practices and ILO standards.
• Detailed, prioritized and factory-specific “corrective action plan” (CAP) which addresses the root causes of problems and establishes a framework for a continuous improvement approach.
• Additional on-site consultancy support to implement improvements over the course of 5 to 6 months.
• Inclusion in the SMART alumni network – a growing group of factory managers in Myanmar committed to striving for social compliance best practices.

Each round of the academy is capped at 10 participating factories, maximum. The program is specially designed for medium-to-large sized factories. SMART offers a different consultancy program for small factories known as the SCORE program.

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Social Compliance Academy letter and application (July, 2016)

Social Compliance Academy (PDF) Myanmar language updated

Group Counselling Meeting

June/July 2015 (the exact date is to be confirmed)
The Chairman of MGMA has initiated this quarterly workshop for MGMA members to discuss what the issues factories face in the production and figure out ways to problem solve these together with International/Local Garment Experts.

Restricted Substances List on Apparel Industry

20th June 2015 at MGHRDC (Myanmar Garment Human Resource Development Centre)

MGMA is offering a free seminar on restricted substances list in the apparel sector for their members in cooperation with TUV Sud. This seminar is also opened to non-members with 5,000 MMK per person. This lecture will be bi-lingual in Myanmar and English.

Mechanic Onsite Training

Onsite training
22nd June to 2nd July 2015 at Factories (Rising White Tiger, Cherry I, Tri Sea, Shwe Sakar & Shweyi Zabe)

4th Mission of Mr. Leoffler in Yangon, the German Machine Mechanic Expert from ESGE to consult the 5 pilot factories in Myanmar on improving maintenance and equipment productivity. Plus training the machine mechanics of the factories to increase their capacity with the issues.

Social Compliance Workshop

23rd and 24th June 2015 at Shweyi Zabe Factory
SMART Myanmar’s 2nd Social Compliance Academy has given a chance for 6 more garment factories to participate after the first academy. This time the activity will kick off with a workshop where the social compliance experts from Systain will present the Social Compliance policy and procedures followed by on site consultancy at individual factories.

Social Compliance Onsite Training

Onsite Training
25th June to 7th July 2015 at Factories (Princess Power, Shweyi Zabe, Thiri Sandar, Hallmark, Golden Jasmine, Rising White Tiger)

The kick off workshop at Shweyi Zabe for Social Compliance is followed by Onsite Trainings at the participating factories to improve the standards.

Monsoon meet up and Networking

26th June 2015 at Padonmar Restaurant
On June 26th, 2015 at 6:00pm, the first evening of the 4th Annual Garment & Textile Machinery Exhibition, MGMA is organizing a networking event for its members to socialize with each other and with visiting overseas buyers and suppliers.

RSVP to inquiries@myanmargarments.org to reserve your spot. All tickets reserved and paid for before May 15th are just $10. From May 16th until June 19th tickets will cost $16 for non-members and $12 for MGMA members. Tickets purchased after June 19th will be $20 for non-members and $15 for MGMA members.

Mechanic Workshop

3rd July 2015 at UMFCCI 4th floor

We’ll be presenting the results of the trainings of Mr Loeffler together with the good practices and recommendation for the Garment factories of MGMA.

GIZ is prepared to further support the Myanmar Garment Industry by introducing a practical onsite training for machine mechanics with participation of 12 to 15 Myanmar factories. The workshop serves as a preparation for such onsite training program and increases chances for the participating factories to be chosen to be part of it.

Preparation for Success Stories

Technical support
7th to 17th July 2015
SMART Myanmar has been working with Garment Factories in Myanmar for 27 months and here at this stage we would like to share the success with the entire industry to replicate. Ms Barbra Waeschle, the Textile Expert from ESGE who is the expert that helped the factories in production improvement issues, will be putting together data for the success stories.

OHS Standard 18000

July 2015 (the exact date is to be confirmed)
SMART Myanmar’s Senior Project Manager-SCP Production will do a training on OHS standard 18000 with the SCP technical assistances to understand the common problems in the factories with OHS standard and how to solve this.

Follow Up Visit to Improve Compliance

Onsite Consultancy
4th-19th August 2015 at Factories (Myanmar Synergy, Maple and Shwe Sakar)
Social Compliance Experts from Systain to revisit the 3 factories that they have given an onsite consultancy during the 1st SMART Myanmar Compliance to see progress in keeping up with their individual action plan.

Fire Safety & Prevention Seminar

15th August 2015 at MGHRDC (Myanmar Garment Human Resource Development Centre)
A representative from WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production – will be giving a half-day talk for interested factory owners and managers at MGMA’s training center, MGHRDC in mid-August. The topic for the August lecture is “Factory Fire Safety & Prevention”. This event is tentatively scheduled for August 15th. This seminar is free for individuals from MGMA’s member factories. Non-members can attend for 10,000 kyats. This lecture will be bi-lingual in Myanmar and English.

The 2nd Annual MGMA Factory Awards Dinner

Event sponsored by: images 2

To honor the achievements of MGMA’s member factories in manufacturing excellence we are pleased to organize the 2nd Annual MGMA Factory Awards Dinner. Last year’s 2014 Factor y Awards Dinner brought together dozens of manufacturers with industr y ser vice provides, brand representatives and related companies & organizations to gather for an evening of business networking and celebration.

This year, the MGMA is pleased to be working with SMART Myanmar who has been invited to sponsor and coordinate the “SMART Award” – a trophy and recognition to be given out to the applying factory with the most noteworthy progress in social compliance improvement. As well, several certificates will be given out to member companies for accomplishments such as “excellence in factory set-up” and “recognition of best workplace facilities” as well as several other mentions.

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Ticket details:Image 04

Purchased or reserved before September 25th:
$25/ticket for MGMA members Now only 15,000 kyats!
$28/ticket for non-members

Tickets purchased after September 25th but before October 16th:
$28/ticket for MGMA members Now only 15,000 kyats
$30/ticket for non-members

Tickets purchased after October 16th:
$30/ticket for MGMA members Now 20,000 kyats
$40/ticket for non-members

Ticket includes:
Dinner, drinks & business networking Parkview Hotel Ballroom with 250 garment factory owners,investors, logistics companies, inspection companies, brands & retailers and affiliated industries.

HR Management training for garment factories

After a tremendous turn-out and participation by factories in February, SMART Myanmar is pleased to host another “HR Management Training, Level 1”. This course is 3 days, free-of-charge for all factories, and is an intensive overview of factory HR management systems and best practices. The primary trainer is SMART Myanmar’s senior technical expert, Ms. Nancy Feng. Nancy has a decade of experience as an auditor and trainer for the garment industries in China, Myanmar and several other countries.

This course is taught in English language with simultaneous interpretation to Burmese. Questions may also be asked in Chinese Mandarin during training (our expert instructors speak English, Chinese and Myanmar).

Dates for the training are: May 23rd, 24th and 25th. Download the form below for full details on registration:

HR Management Level 1, (May training – English language flyer)

New inductions for SMART Myanmar Social Compliance Academy™

SMART expert explaining requirements of BSCI 2.0

Comprehensive on-site consultancies for garment factories on all issues related to social compliance. (Provided in both English and Myanmar). This program starts with a 2-day induction training followed by a series of on-site factory consultancies. A maximum of 10 factories are allowed in each course. Register today by contacting May Mi Kyaw.

လူမှုရေး လိုက်နာမှု နှင့်ဆက်စပ်သော အားလုံး ကိစ္စရပ်များတွင် အထည်ချုပ်စက်ရုံ များအတွက် ဘက်စုံ On- site ကို အတိုင်ပင်ခံ ။ ( အင်္ဂလိပ်နှင့် မြန်မာ နှစ်ဦးစလုံး အတွက် ပေး )

Social Compliance Academy letter and application (English)

Social Compliance Academy Flyer (English)

Academy Flyer (Myanmar language)

Jul 14 - 15, 2016 · Event

MGMA’s 3rd Annual Factory Awards Dinner

2nd MGMA Annual Awards Dinner in 2015

In order to recognize improvements in social compliance and excellence in implementing responsible business practices, SMART Myanmar’s local partner – The Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association – organizes an annual awards dinner. SMART provides technical support to evaluate those factories who apply for recognition.

Nov 19 - 19, 2016 · Event

Upcoming events, consultancies & workshops

SMART Myanmar has several events in the calendar for March-July, 2017. In particular:

March 30th – At the Gar-Tex Exhibition in Rose Garden Hotel SMART Myanmar will be presenting at 10am on the results of the SMART Energy Efficiency Pilot Program. 10 factories received energy audits and recommendations for improvements. At 11:15am Sunlabob Renewable Energy will present on solar options for garment factories and at 1:30pm Systain Consulting and Otto Group will present on their ‘Chemicals Academy’ program with garment factories in China.
May 24th, 25th & 26th – SMART Myanmar will host our 6th HR Management Lab, an intensive overview course focused on best practices in garment factory HR management. This course is free-of-charge and open to all factories in the garment, footwear and accessories industries.
July 13th & 14th – The start of the 6th SMART Social Compliance Academy™ – This is SMART’s most intensive factory program and involves workshop training, on-site assessments and a comprehensive corrective action plan. Over 30 factories have benefited from this program and in July SMART is pleased to offer this program to factories in Yangon, Bago and Pathein. Registration is currently on-going until all spots are filled.
April, May, June – SMART is accepting on-going enrollment in our SMART Energy Efficiency Program. Email or call project staff to schedule an energy assessment based on the AS/NZ 3598.2 method and receive an “Energy Reduction Plan”.

Garment factory in Yangon participating in SMART Energy Efficiency Program.
Mar 30 - Jul 15, 2017 · Event