Report from July 2016 Dhaka trip

In July of 2016 SMART Myanmar sent a delegation to Dhaka, Bangladesh to initiate a first-ever exchange of knowhow on running community centers and programs for women garment workers. The group from Myanmar consisted of SMART Myanmar’s MGMA staff, staff from Thone Pann Hla and two garment workers. In Dhaka they met with representatives of Awaj Foundation, GIZ PSES, a garment factory, the staff at two different “women’s cafes” and dozens of garment workers. Below is a report summarizing the activities and observations made during this study mission:

Dhaka Trip Report

Social Standards Handbook for local garment manufacturers in Myanmar

image001Through the comprehensive trainings and the capacity building with the SMART Myanmar Social Compliance Academy, which touch upon the most fundamental issues of social compliance, local factories have been able to learn how to implement long-term and ethically responsible practices, necessary to improve their competitiveness in the global market.

The easy-to-read guidance provides a general overview dedicated to factory managers on the main issues of social compliance, underlying its strategic role within the garment sector. In particular, the guide presents the most fundamental steps of how local factories should implement an effective social management system, by also giving clear examples and best practices derived from factories in Myanmar. Based on the experiences of the SMART Myanmar Social Compliance Academies this handbook was composed to specifically focus on the needs and constraints of Myanmar garment factories.

This handbook shall reach out and inspire a wide number of factories in Myanmar.

SMART Myanmar Social Compliance Handbook English

Smart Myanmar Export Promotion Guide

Promotion Guide Cover PageThis 2015 Export Promotion Guide has been specially designed to assist Myanmar manufacturers who wish to export garments to the European Union (EU), a market encompassing 28 nations and more than 500 million consumers.

Myanmar’s garment manufacturers have, for the past several years, primarily exported to Japan and South Korea. This has provided dependable business opportunities for the industry and there is a tremendous potential for garment manufacturers in Myanmar to discover new opportunities exporting their products to the EU.

Whether you are a manufacturer seeking to better understand EU trade procedures, laws and documentation, or perhaps, you are trying to re-configure your production set-up to better cater to the needs of European buyers. Whatever present situation you are in, this guide explores and maps out the various technical and procedural considerations essential for engaging with European buyers.

SMART Myanmar Export Promotion Guide – Myanmar Garment Sector

Tidy Our Workplace

“Tidy Our Workplace” was a simple booklet developed at the request of the MGMA in 2014 to support factories during a campaign to promote cleanliness, tidiness and general good shop floor upkeep with small and medium-sized local factories. One of the most basic steps to ensure a safe and efficient factory is to maintain good procedures and systems for factory cleanliness and tidiness.

Tidy Our Workplace (bi-lingual cleanliness and tidiness)