Privacy policy for SMART Myanmar phone apps

Updated February 9th, 2018

I. Overview

The SMART Myanmar project is committed to respecting the confidentiality and privacy of all users of smartphone apps developed by the project. This brief privacy policy details this commitment and explains how anonymized data are used.

II. Collection of information

SMART Myanmar collects various anonymized data on usage habits and behavior, such as which content is visited, phone models used and where the user is located.
Further information is occasionally collected via automated surveys on user birthplace, industry of work, age, gender and similarly general topics. These data are not linked to persistent identifiers (IDs which can be linked to a specific individual). SMART Myanmar does not maintain records or databases of persistent identifiers. SMART Myanmar respects user confidentiality and makes no effort to identify specific users of the app based on received data.

III. Information & data use

SMART Myanmar makes no effort to expose or analyze the usage habits or personal details of any specific user. Data is analyzed in aggregate and anonymously. Data is used to improve user experience and engagement with SMART Myanmar apps. Data is also used for sector research.

IV. Information sharing

SMART Myanmar uses anonymized & aggregated data for public presentations and reports. Anonymized data are occasionally also shared with academic institutions, non-profit organizations and other third parties for sector research.

Users may sometimes voluntarily choose to share their own information on Facebook by posting badges or other app contents. Using Facebook or other third party public platforms means that those users are entering into separate privacy agreements with those third parties. Such relationships will be covered by that third party’s privacy terms & conditions. SMART Myanmar project partners cannot be held liable for information voluntarily shared by app users to Facebook or other third party platforms or for any breech of privacy or confidentiality resulting from such posts.